Upcoming activities:

Speaking about teaching and learning at GOTO Chicago 2016. Chicago, May 2016

Speaking about teaching and learning and retrospectives at Agile Europe 2016, Poland, May 2016

Teaching Science Teaching at CS, University of Aarhus, Denmark


Previous activities:

I have given talks about retrospectives, teaching and patterns in Aarhus, Copenhagen, Sydney, London, Chicago, Melbourne, Gdansk, and SF.

I give courses on retrospective facilitation in danish and English.

I have been the PC chair of JAOO 2001-2011, GOTO Aarhus 2012, GOTO Aarhus 2013, GOTO Aarhus 2014, GOTO Aarhus 2015, GOTO Copenhagen 2015.

I have been in the PC of QCon SF 2012, QCon London 2013, QCon London 2014, GOTO Amsterdam 2013, GOTO Amsterdam 2014, GOTO Chicago 2014GOTO Chicago 2015, GOTO Chicago 2016YOW Australia 2012, YOW Australia 2013, YOW Australia 2014, YOW Australia 2015, YOW Australia 2016, Agile Manchester, Agile Cambridge, Agile in the City (London)